Donnington Castle
Donnington Castle
Donnington Castle
Donnington Castle
Donnington Castle

Donnington Castle


Donnington Castle Newbury Fine Art Print 

The ruins of medieval Donnington Castle are in the village of Donnington just north of Newbury. 

Built in 1386 the castle has a fascinating history. It has been in the hands of the Chaucer Family, entertained both Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I, was held in an 18 month siege by Royalists in the First English Civil War before being surrendered and ordered to be destroyed by Parliament in 1646.  What survives today is the original gate house.

Always a tourist attraction, people from all around the world - and those from just around the corner, are regular visitors.

Description :

Influenced by vintage travel posters of the 1920s to 1940s, the print captures the presence of the Castle and combines a fresh modern graphic style with stunning colours that bring it completely up to date and give the viewer the impression of the area at its best; on a summer's day when the weather is just right for climbing up the hill and taking in the sight.  It evokes a warm sense of time past and present.

The print makes a lovely gift for you, your family or friends for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, retirement, moving out of the area or to send to loved ones who've relocated elsewhere around the world

Available in a range of standard sizes from large to small it suits many rooms in the home from hallway to living room, bedroom to bathroom.


Designed and individually printed by the artist, each print is produced on the best best fine art paper using lightfast inks with a life expectancy in normal circumstances of 90 years.


The paper is entirely made from cotton and will not yellow.

The ink is pigment as opposed to dye and will not fade

The printer has a very large colour range much larger than a standard wide format printer and this is reflected in the subtle combination of colours.

Each print is individually signed by the artist

Each print is embossed with stamp of authenticity on the bottom right hand corner


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