I have been a professional picture framer for 20 years and am a Fine Art Trade Guild Certified Framer and Accredited Picture Framing Trainer and Examiner.

My picture framing story began when I bought Artifax the Picture Framers in 2000.   I originally worked for the first few years from a rented retail gallery in Bartholomew Street Newbury where, in1987, the picture framing business had originally been founded.

 The business went from strength to strength.   The customer database kept growing and before very long I was able to buy a larger premises on the other side of the road.

In 2019 I was approached by a company seeking to rent the retail premises and decided to take advantage of the opportunity it offered.

I’d always painted, had become a fine art printer and sold both paintings and prints from 
the gallery; so it was an opportunity to set up a fine art print studio at home and spend more time creating artwork.

I wasn’t quite ready to turn my back on framing completely and Just before we closed the gallery I was fortunate enough to meet Lenny Cornforth who had artists’ studios and workshop space at 32 Boundary Road, Newbury.

Lenny, also an artist, had been a picture framer and had the desire to return to framing.  She also had all of the space needed to house my picture framing equipment.

That’s when our Association began, I provide the equipment, Lenny provides the premises and does most of the framing.

I still frame for some customers, by appointment, help out occasionally and run Fine Art Trade Guild Accredited picture framing Training Courses and Examinations on the premises.

If you are a returning customer,  have a framing project you would like to discuss or are interested in learning how to frame we will be very happy to hear from you.


Picture Framing